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Biodegradable Straw Wattle

Biodegradable Straw Wattle

Introducing the Biodegradable Straw Wattle. Made of durable burlap fabric filled with Weed Free Certified Straw, these fully natural wattles are designed to filter sediment flow in channels and slopes with exceptional efficiency. 

Easy to install and environmentally friendly, BMP wattles provide superior erosion control while promoting the site's natural recovery process. Remove sediment runoff issues and embrace sustainable erosion control with the Biodegradable Straw Wattle.

  • Specification Sheet

    Coming Soon

  • Dimensions

    9" x 25' and 12" x 20

  • Units Per Pallet


  • Units Per Truck


  • Pallets Per Truck Load


  • Webbing/Netting


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