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Anchor Kits

Anchor Kits

As an add on to the BMP Turbidity Curtains, get everything you need in one convenient kit with a Danforth Anchor Kit. This anchoring kit includes an anchor, chain, rope, two shackles, and two buoys. Danforth anchors offer exceptional holding power for their weight, making them the industry leader in efficiency. Each Danforth fluke anchor is manufactured from high strength steel then hot dip galvanized for long lasting protection.

  • 14 lbs Anchor Kits

    Anchor Weight: 14 lbs.
    Holding Power: 920 lbs.
    Anchor Height: 28.25"
    Stock Width: 21.50"
    Fluke Height: 14.25"


  • 25 lbs Anchor Kits

    Anchor Weight: 25 lbs.
    Holding Power: 1600 lbs.
    Anchor Height: 35"
    Stock Width: 26.75"
    Fluke Height: 19"
  • 40 lbs Anchor Kits

    Anchor Weight: 40 lbs.
    Holding Power: 2,000 lbs.
    Anchor Height: 40.25"
    Stock Width: 31"
    Fluke Height: 22"
  • Download Spec Sheet

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