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Straw Wattle

Straw Wattle

BMP Supplies Inc Straw Wattles are an effective and economical alternative to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control. Consisting of a superior UV-stabilized photodegradable synthetic netting made for high water flow and filled with 100% weed free straw Straw Wattles are made to filter sediment flow in channels and slopes. 

  • Specification Sheet

    Click HERE to download

  • Dimensions

    9" x 25' 

  • Units Per Pallet


  • Units Per Truck


  • Pallets Per Truck Load


  • Color


  • Webbing/Netting

    UV Stabilized Synthetic Net

  • Weight

    MN-TS-002-95: 10.5 grams/linear foot +/-0.50

  • Grab Tensile

    MN-TS-003-06: 5.0 lb (yield) 5.4 (load)

  • Grab Elongation

    MN-TS-003-06: 156%

  • Body Fabric

    Tubular Knit Natural Biodegradable 

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