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About Us

Family owned & operated.

As a family-run and operated business, we believe that we offer a level of care, attention, and expertise that is unmatched by larger, more impersonal organizations. We are committed to treating our customers like family, and we believe that this approach is the key to our success.

BMP Supplies Family Image
BMP Supplies Family at manufacturing facility
Our Story

The journey of BMP Supplies began in 2000, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a one-man operation headed by the President Jim. Realizing the demand for Erosion and Sediment Control products, Jim started with just a sewing machine and some foam, resulting in the invention of the Catch Basin Donut. Over two decades later, now with his four sons, BMP Supplies has expanded to three facilities and now offers over 200 SKU's. Today, BMP Supplies is a renowned name in the industry.

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Featured Distributors

We work with industry leaders through the construction industry. Our distributors are responsible for some of the largest projects and most complex services across North America.

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