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Spring Berm

Spring Berm

The Spring Berm is BMP original product is used to dissipate the energy of stormwater runoff and to prevent the formation of rills and gullies prior to permanent stabilization of a disturbed area or channel. Berms may be connected in succession for a perimeter control in sensitive areas

  • Specification Details

    Click HERE to download

  • Dimensions

    6’ Length x 12” Diameter

  • Weight

    4 lbs per 6’ section

  • Body Fabric

    50% Shade Mesh

  • Color


  • Flap/Foam Fabric

    W100 Woven Geotextile 

  • Webbing/Netting

    1” Reinforced “BMP”  Webbing

  • Compressed Size

    14” diameter x 8” height

  • Units Per Package


  • Units Per Pallet


  • Other

    Request TRI Environmental Test Results

  • Installation

    Undo buckles to expand berm to full length, anchor spring berm with stakes or sod stamples. If a wide channel is encountered or for perimeter control, use the buckles to connect two or more berms.

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