Spring Berm

Spring Berm


This BMP product is used to dissipate the energy of stormwater runoff and to prevent the formation of rills and gullies prior to permanent stabilization of a disturbed area or channel. Berms may be connected in succession for a perimeter control in sensitive areas

  • Specification Details

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  • Dimensions

    6’ Length x 12” Diameter

  • Weight

    4 lbs per 6’ section

  • Body Fabric

    50% Shade Mesh

  • Color


  • Flap/Foam Fabric

    W100 Woven Geotextile 

  • Webbing/Netting

    1” Reinforced “BMP”  Webbing

  • Compressed Size

    14” diameter x 8” height

  • Units Per Package


  • Units Per Pallet


  • Other

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  • Installation

    Undo buckles to expand berm to full length, anchor spring berm with stakes or sod stamples. If a wide channel is encountered or for perimeter control, use the buckles to connect two or more berms.

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