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Wire Back Silt Fence

Wire Back Silt Fence

BMP's Wire Back Silt Fence attaches engineered and tested woven filter fabric to galvanized mesh to make the finest and most cost effective silt fence system. Used in conjunction with 4′ Steel T-Bar Posts this style of silt fence the most durable form on the market.

The purpose of wire back silt fence is to prevent the flow of sediment from leaving the desired site and entering natural drainage ways or storm drainage systems by slowing storm water runoff and causing the deposition of sediment at the structure.  Silt fencing encourages sheet flow and reduces the potential of developing ruts and gullies.

  • Specification Sheet

    Click HERE to download

  • Dimensions

    100' x 24" Wire on 36" Fabric or
    100' x 36" Wire on 48" Fabric

  • Grab Tensile

    ASTM D-4632: 135 x 135

  • Apparent Opening (AOS)

    ASTM D-4751: 30 sieve

  • Flow Rate

    ASTM D-4491: 10 / gal / min / ft

  • Permittivity

    ASTM D-4355: 80% @ 500 hrs

  • UV Resistance

    ASTM D-4355: 70% @ 500 hrs

  • Body Fabric

    8oz Non-Woven Geofabric Fabric

  • Wire Mesh

    Hot-dipped Galvanized Welded

  • Height

    24” wire on 36” fabric or 36" on 48" fabric

  • Roll Length


  • Weight

    100 Gram

  • Weave

    11x11 Weave

  • Grab Elongation

    ASTM D-4632: 15%

  • Mullen Burst

    ASTM D-3786: 200 psi

  • Puncture

    ASTM D-4833: 325 lbs

  • Trapezoid Tear Strength

    ASTM D-4533: 60 lbs

  • Color


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