Dewatering Bag

Dewatering Bag

SKU: SBG0000

BMP Dewatering Bag is used in applications where sediment laden water is being pumped. The pump hose outflow is attached into the Dewatering Bag opening. The water that escapes the bag will be filtered to the specification of the bag material.

  • Specification Sheet

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  • Dimensions

    2.5'x6' 2.5'x9' 5'x6' 5'x10' 5'x15' 10'x10' 15'x15'


  • Grab Tensile

    ASTM D-4632: 912 N  (205 lbs)

  • Apparent Opening (AOS)

    ASTM D4751: 80 US Sieve

  • Flow Rate

    ASTM D-4491: 4482 l/m/m² (110 g/pm/ft²)

  • Permittivity

    ASTM D-4491:  1.5 sec

  • UV Resistance

    ASTM D-4355: 70% @ 500 hrs

  • Body Fabric

    8oz Non-Woven Geofabric Fabric

  • Color


  • Units Per Package


  • Units Per Pallet


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