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Type 1 Industrial Turbidity Curtain

Type 1 Industrial Turbidity Curtain

BMP Supplies Type 1 Industrial Turbidity Curtains are manufactured to meet the demand for a low cost, high quality turbidity curtain. Manufactured using 8oz non-woven geofabric, BMP Supplies stocks curtains in 2.5′, 5′, 7.5′, and 10′ depth eliminating lead times as they are ready to ship immediately.

  • Download Spec Sheet

    Click HERE to download

  • Float Fabric

    8oz Non-woven

  • Body Fabric

    8oz Non-woven

  • End Treatment

    12” ASTM Connectors w/ Toggle Pin And burn holes w/Reinforced Rope

  • Section Size


  • Floatation

    6” x 6” x 88” EPS Foam

  • Net Buoyancy

    15+ lbs per foot

  • Ballast

    5/16” Steel Chain

  • Ballast Chain Connection

    Aluminum Stress Plate w/ Quick Connector

  • Connection Between Sections

    Weather Resistant Zip Ties

  • Top Load Carrying Component

    3/16" (4.7mm) Steel Cable

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