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Catch Basin Donut - High Flow

Catch Basin Donut - High Flow

BMP's Catch Basin Donuts are designed to have the rainwater pond and filter into the catch basin near construction sites. Primary benefits of the catch basin include easy installation and even easier maintenance for your erosion control needs. Once the donut is installed, all that is required for maintenance is the use of a broom or shovel to remove the collected sediment around the catch basin. The filter fabric wraps around the grate and is fastened with the belting and buckles attached. The protected grate is then reinserted into the frame support. The winter/trash guard option has strong outdoor mesh fabric sewn over the donut to help protect the foam filter from ripping off during snow removal and grading. The fabric also keeps trash from entering the overflow opening

  • Download Spec Sheet

    Clikc HERE to download

  • Foam Cover Fabric

    R 2283 HDPE Monofilament (High Density Polyethylene)

  • Body Fabric

    Yellow PE Mesh High Flow Fabric

  • Foam

    4” Height Open Cell Foam

  • Grate Size

    Standard sizes fit grates: 24”x16”, 24”x24”, 36”x28”, 24”x48”, 36”x36” (custom sizes also available)

  • Grab Tensile

    ASTM-D-4632 – 115 lbs.

  • Compressed Size

    8” x 8” x 4”

  • Expanded Size

    Varies depending on Part Number

  • Permittivity

    ASTM-D-4491: 5.84 (s-1)

  • Water Flow Rate

    ASTM-D-4491: 436+ gal/min/ft2

  • Optional

    CIF6048 Curb Inlet Filter for grates with Inlets

  • Units Per Package


  • Units Per Pallet


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