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The Importance of Erosion and Sediment Control in The Construction Industry

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Erosion and Sediment control are essential components of construction projects

Both large and small. Erosion control is the practice of preventing or reducing the movement of soil and other materials by wind, water, or other environmental forces. Sediment control is the practice of controlling the amount of sediment that leaves a construction site and enters nearby waterways or ecosystems. Together, these two practices are critical to the success of any construction endeavor.

Erosion and Sediment control measures can reduce the amount of

polluted runoff that enters nearby streams, rivers, and other bodies of water.

This is especially important in areas that are prone to flooding, as sediment-laden runoff can cause increased flooding and damage to property. Without proper erosion and sediment control, construction projects can take longer, as sediment particles can interfere with construction activities.

Sediment-laden runoff can threaten the health of local ecosystems.

As it can damage vegetation, harm aquatic life, and increase water turbidity. Sediment can also increase the risk of flooding, as it can decrease the capacity of streams and rivers to hold water. Furthermore, sediment-laden runoff can contaminate drinking water supplies, making them unsafe for human consumption.

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There are several measures that can be taken.

For example, soil can be stabilized with vegetation, such as grass, plants, trees, and protected with products such as an Erosion Control Blanket. Sediment basins can be installed to capture or divert sediment-laden runoff. Additionally, sediment fences and wattles can be used to trap sediment particles, preventing them from entering nearby exposed areas.


Ultimately, Erosion and Sediment control are important tools in the construction industry. Without them, construction projects can be delayed, local ecosystems can be harmed, and drinking water supplies can be contaminated. By implementing effective erosion and sediment control measures, construction sites can be kept safe and the environment can be protected.

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