240 Liter Spill Kits

240 Liter Spill Kits

Available in Oil Only, Universal, and Hazmat.


  • 100 – Absorbent Pads
  • 8 – 8”x10” Absorbent Pillows
  • 4 – 16”x20” Absorbent Pillows
  • 5 – 3”x4’ Socks
  • 3 – 3”x8’ Socks
  • 1 – Plug N Dyke
  • 1 – Drain Cover
  • 2 – Splash Goggles
  • 2 – Pairs of Nitrile Goggles
BMP Supplies offers a wide variety of Spill Kits for immediate clean-up and containment of spilled fluids.

BMP Supplies Spill Kits are ideal to have around in the case of an accidental spill and for precautionary reasons as there’s always that possibility that an oil spill may take place at any time. There are a multitude of applications for BMP Supplies spill kits including, drilling operations, marinas, ports, refineries, boats, engine rooms, machine or auto mechanic shops, etc., spill kits allow you to have a variety of oil absorbents products on hand in case of an emergency.

BMP Supplies spill kits are available in many different sizes, capacities, and materials (Oil Only, Universal, Hazmat) and come with a variety of pads, absorbent boom, socks, pillows, gloves, goggles and much more. The larger spill kits have wheels installed to make transportation of the kits simple and effective. The following is the standard BMP Supplies spill kits with their contents. Please note that we also offer custom kits to meet your companies needs.

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