Type 2 Industrial Turbidity Curtain

BMP Supplies Type 2 Industrial Turbidity Curtains are manufactured to increase the overall strength of the curtain allowing for it’s deployment in waters with higher flow rates. The BMP Supplies Type 2 Industrial Turbidity Curtain is manufactured with top load cables, stress plates for reinforcing the corners, and 24″ ASTM Universal connector plates used to connect one section to another. The floats are covered with 18 or 22oz PVC Fabric and the skirt is manufactured using a woven fabric which allows for water to flow through the skirt while still filtering all soil and sediment. The Type 2 Industrial Curtain is designed to handle more severe conditions such as lakes, streams, inter coastal and tidal areas where current velocities up to five feet per second are expected.

Type 2 Industrial Turbidity Curtain
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BMP Supplies is a manufacturing company supplying environmental products for the construction industry.  Specializing in Turbidity Curtains, Erosion Control, and Catch basin products. 

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