HD Wattle

HD Wattle

SKU: HDW0512

BMP's HD-Wattle is a full rebound wattle engineered to connect one into another for a continuous barrier of any length. Extremely durable and designed to direct the flow of water in and around construction sites. End flap eliminated undermining.

  • Specification Sheet

    Click HERE to download

  • Dimensions

    5" x 12' 

  • Grab Tensile

    ASTM D-4632: 124 lb

  • Apparent Opening (AOS)

    ASTM D-4751: 30 US sieve 

  • Flow Rate

    ASTM D-4491: 10 gpm / sf 

  • Permittivity

    ASTM D-4491:  0.1 sec 

  • UV Resistance

    ASTM D-4355: 70/500 @ 5hrs 

  • Body Fabric

    W100 Woven Geotextile

  • Color


  • Flap/Foam Fabric

    Flexible Polyurethane Durable 

  • Inner Bag

    Polyethylene Plastic 

  • Berm Length

    12’ per Piece – long As needed

  • Units Per Package


  • Units Per Pallet


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