Bio - Double Net - Coconut/Straw

Bio - Double Net - Coconut/Straw

The ErosionControl Blanket S32 BD is a short-term 100% biodegradable double net straw fiber erosion control blanket designed for use on moderate slope and channel applications requiring erosion control for up to 12 months depending on moisture, light,andenvironmental conditions.The blanketissewn togetheron1.5inch(38.1mm)centers.TheS32 BD meets all requirements established in the FHWA FP-03 as a Type 2D erosion control blanket for use on slopes with gradients not exceeding 2:1 (h:v) and has been tested by the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP). The S32 BD comes packaged in clear shrink-wrap with a brown band and includes installation instructions.

  • Mass per Unit Area

    ASTM D6475 - 9.93 oz/yd2

  • Tensile Strength

    ASTM D6818 -

    • 21.7 lbs/in @ 14.5% MD
    • 16.8 lbs/in @ 23.9% TD
  • Unvegetated Bench-Scale Rain Splash and Runoff

    (not to be used as a design value)
    ASTM D7101:

    • Soil Loss Ratio* = 11.30
    • Soil Loss Ratio* = 11.79
    • Soil Loss Ratio* = 12.30
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