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BMP Supplies erosion and sediment control products keep soil seed and sediment out storm sewers and nature’s drainages and waterways.

Properly implemented sediment control practices can result in:

  • Minimal soil loss
  • Minimal damage to off-site receiving channels,
  • Enhanced project aesthetics and
  • Fewer complaints from regulators and the public.
  • Reduce the damaging effects of rainfall, wind and wave action on soil structures while replacing or reducing the dependency on scarce natural resources.

Applications for these products are:

  • Construction; new roads, new developments, additions, parking lots
  • Soil Base Stabilization
  • Oil & Gas
  • Specialty Applications.

What is a BMP?

“BMPs defined – Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practices that eliminate, reduce, or treat pollutant discharges or potential exposures that would otherwise impact stormwater.”

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