Silt Sacs

BMP Supplies offers several different options when it comes to silt sacs. High Flow, Low Flow, and High Flow with Overflow.

There are times when the Best Management Practice is to put the filtration device under the grate. Regular inspections are required as the collected silt is hidden from view. Equipment will be needed to lift a full bag out of the catch basin. BMP can make a silt sac to fit any grate size. Listed below are stocked sizes.

Part # Depth Length Width
SSC2118 36” (910 mm) 21” (530 mm) 18” (457 mm)
SSC2416 36” (910 mm) 24” (600 mm) 16” (406 mm)
SSC 2817 36” (910 mm) 28” (700 mm) 17” (430 mm)

Installation Instructions

1)     Remove the grate and set aside. Use a steel brush and/or scraper to clean the edge that supports the grate.

2)     Install Silt Sac in the opening, making sure the emptying straps are laid out flat outside the basin.

3)     Replace the grate into the Silt Sac and grate opening.


1)     Insert rebar or T-bar post through exposed flaps

2)     Remove catch basin grate

3)     Remove Silt Sac from the catch basin by attaching to both bars and lifting with available equipment.

4)     Moved filled SiltSac to dumping area and set on ground

5)     Insert a lift bar through both emptying straps attached to the bottom of the bag and lift the SiltSac by the emptying straps.